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Customize Your Own Gaming Chair

Universe Series Custom Gaming Chair

Non-Customization Options

Customization options are not available for the headrest, EPU leatherette type, and DXRacer logo on our Universe Series gaming chairs.

Customization Options

Colors of EPU Leatherette

Colors of the leatherette can be combined and customized to create a stunning visual effect.

UV Printing Design

You have the option to customize your preferred design on both the front and back of the chair backrest.

Embroidery Patterns

Crafted with the utmost precision, high-end and three-dimensional embroidery brings the patterns to life.

Colors of Stitching Lines

You have the freedom to change the color of stitching lines on the whole seat to match your desired design style. You'll feel satisfied with every detail.

Your Logo

Your logo can be printed or embroidered anywhere on the seat while keeping the DXRacer logo on the headrest and the front of the seat base.

Customize Your Own Gaming Chair
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Every part of DXRacer chair far exceeds international standards